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We here at HiranoMoe prides ourselves in quality of our workmanship. We devote everything to introduce the work of Kouta Hirano to the world. We despise bad translation with burning fires of a thousand suns. We also think accepting donation as a scanlation group is unethical and detest anyone nicking off the creator's hard work by asking for donation as an excuse. We make no money off of our translations and certainly don't want any if it to go to us instead of Hirano.

  • Assassine

  • Susume!! Seigaku
    Dennou Kenkyuubu

  • Hellsing

  • Ikaryaku

  • Drifters

  • Susume! Ikaryaku

  • Hi-Tension

  • Daidoujin Monogatari



Will you translate ___?

Yes, we will translate everything.
We will translate the whole Japanese literature given enough time.

When will the next chapter of ___ be released?

It's either: (1) When the tankoubon is out; or (2) When it's done.

I love HiranoMoe! How do I support you guys?

Please support the manga-ka (Kouta Hirano) by purchasing the original tankoubons in Japanese and use our translations to help read them if necessary. Go to our forum and discuss the works you love. We often scout new staff from our forums, your participation in the community is very important for us to grow.

Can I use your RAW? Your translation?

No, no and no. We put a lot of effort into our scanlations, both our raws and our translations are reserved solely for HiranoMoe's use only. You have no right to them, whatsoever.
That being said, we may allow international groups (non-English) to use our scans on a case-by-case basis.

Can I upload your scans to online reader?

Yes, you can. Please make sure all pages including the credit page are unaltered and intact. Please report broken/altered pages to our twitter account or forum if you seen them.